The Benefits of Book Scanning for Your Business

We have seen an increase in demand recently for book scanning services. Council, Government and Businesses, big and small, have all realised the need to digitise books for two main reasons:

Preservation and protection of valuable historical information

Digitising books helps to preserve important historical information, as a risk management strategy against destruction of materials from flood, fire or other physical damage. More and more organisations are also looking for better ways to protect against the theft of valuable books, reports and information only found in paper publications.

Workflow efficiencies

Scanning books into digital files allows for efficiencies to workflow, especially to save time searching for information that may be accessed regularly.

Examples of these materials may be:

  1. Engineering job cards
  2. Surveyor reports that may have recorded addresses, latitude and longitude coordinates and elevation measurements
  3. Equipment maintenance report books
  4. Council Meeting Minutes

Gosford Micrographics and Scanning can digitise bound materials including:

  • Diaries
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Historical publications
  • Reports
  • Ledgers
  • Photo Albums
  • Fragile books
  • Sign-on books
  • Magazines
  • Brochures

We use high resolution digital cameras with professional optics to ensure sharp image capture. Images are captured in RAW format (24bit colour).

Colour checkers are used for accurate colour reproduction and correct white balance calibration.

In addition, professional shadowless LED lighting (5,600K daylight, Colour Reading Index > 90) is installed and calibrated with hand held light meters for consistent lighting across the entire book.

Post processing includes cropping, splitting, straightening and combining of pages into multi-page searchable PDF files.

Gosford Micrographics and Scanning personally manage the secure collection and return of your books where possible. Our staff are highly experienced in the handling of fragile, sensitive and confidential materials. Our delivery vehicles have no signage indicating the nature of our business.

When your materials are too precious to leave site, Gosford Micrographics and Scanning can provide on-site Book Scanning services at your office. Our technical team will install, calibrate and operate the Book Scanning equipment for optimal performance in your work environment.

On-site Book Scanning


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