Plans and Drawings Scanning Service

Gosford Micrographics and Scanning’s Plans and Drawings Scanning Service is very beneficial to government agencies, councils and companies who generate plans/drawings and/or have a large storage repository. Our service minimises the time you spend searching for plans and maximises office space.

Whether your requirement is to scan:

  • Architectual Plans
  • Building Plans
  • Electrical Plans
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Sewerage Plans
  • Plumbing Plans
  • Road & Railway Plans
  • Structural Plans
  • Subdivision plans

Our plan scanning service can provide the highest quality services at an affordable price.

Plan Scanning

Our scanners are among the fastest and most sophisticated in the market. They have both top and bottom illumination, which gives excellent image quality from the sheet.

All scanned images are cleaned up after the initial scanning process. This involves running them through a de-speckling, cropping, realignment to standard page sizes and de-skewing process to obtain the best results. Each scanned drawing is then individually inspected prior to final release.

Plan Indexing

After the plan scanning process, for a fast and efficient search, we can index the plans by the following information from the Title Block or as required:

  • Drawing Reference Number
  • Building Application Number
  • Development Application Number
  • Street Address
  • Date
  • Storage Media

Plans can be accessed via USB, hard drive or via online access. They can be accessed from any device, and the images can also be imported into any Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).

Free Retrieval, View, Print and E-mail Software

We can supply a FREE Search engine as part of our scanning services to our clients, so all you need to access your plans is a PC. It is that easy!

The DB/SearchWorks retrieval software is a useful tool which can help you instantly search for plans by any of the different indexes which are listed above. Our Retrieval software is very user friendly and no prior training or installation is required. It runs from the storage or if required we can provide a network version of the software so plans can be shared and searched across the network or even the Intranet.