Microfilm Services

Microfilm has been around since around 1850. Since the 1980s the microfilm has been stabilised with the introduction of the polyester base. Original microfilm or microfiche still can be viewed on the latest microfilm reader without any conversion. Microfilm is the only medium that is independent of any digital technology, relying only on a light source and a magnifying glass.

Information or content, whether in paper, electronic, visual or audio form, is the basis of our digital society. We have come to realise the importance in preserving or archiving information so that future generation can learn from both our mistakes and our discoveries. A firm’s digital assets and intellectual property can be as valuable as its physical assets. With technology we achieve the ability to share information worldwide. With film we achieve long term protection and preservation of the information. Microfilm has passed the test of time as a tried and proven archival method for documents, DAs, Minutes, plans and drawings from A5 size documents to A0 drawings.

Gosford Micrographics and Scanning is proud to be able to offer Film-based Imaging services to our clients ensuring that they can enjoy the benefits of both for ease of access and long term protection. Microfilm/Microfiche and Technology both have a place in our business environment for specific reasons and functions. FBI is a strong candidate for any firm’s disaster recovery plan, being independent of digital media.

WIN to Microfilm for Long-term archive and preservation of information

WIN to technology for Ease of access and sharing of information.

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Microfilm Duplication – vesicular, diazo & silver halide
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